I love roasting little tidbits wrapped in foil…Here is some roast asparagus, potatoes & onions & beets, and garlic bread. Lots of garlic and olive oil on everything.


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Spring Noodles

Justin and I rode our bicycles to the farmer’s market on Sunday, so I had lots of fresh produce to play with on Sunday night. I made rice noodles tossed with asparagus, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, and slivered almonds. The veggies were stir-fried quickly with a bunch of olive oil and garlic, some nutritional yeast, a dash of sesame oil, black pepper, and soy sauce. It was Spring in a bowl.


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Split Peas with Quinoa

My first attempt to do something with split peas. They take way longer to cook than I anticipated, so the quinoa became mushy mess. I also added carrotts, celery, and chard. Yes, it’s really ugly, but it tasted pretty good. On the side is homemade rye bread, also a first attempt, which was warm and delicious.


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Butternut Ravioli, 2 Ways


Experiments with ready-made wanton wrappers: I filled the wrappers with mashed up butternut squash seasoned with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. I made some of them into rectangles and boiled them. The others I folded into fancy little dumpling shapes and plopped in the deep fryer. I drizzled honey over them, and served artichoke focaccia and an avocado salad with balsamic vinagrette on the side. Tasty.


Justin and Maya licked the plates clean. They love honey.

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